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After years of anticipation we finally made it happen and sent off some emails to companies covering southern African trips. Working with some South Africans in Singapore there was plenty of sharing of ideas for the must see places in the region and where to visit within a two week trip. The overview of the trip was to go to Livingstone in Zambia to see Victoria Falls and the surrounding areas, Cape Town for a week then to Kruger National Park to go on safari at Timbavati Lodge, King’s Camp.


On arrival, the first thing we noticed was how friendly the people we met were, whether they were in a shop serving, airport workers or just people passing by. It was a real pleasure! To kill some time at Johannesburg airport we went to a place that looked like it had good coffee and muffins and things -what a lucky guess – Piece A Pizza was the best! We even took muffins to go!

_O0A0963Straight from Johannesburg Airport and with so much excitement we set off to Livingstone in Zambia and had our first real taste of the African adventure.  We planned to cross the borders a few times to visit Chobe in Botswana and to walk to Zimbabwe to see the falls from a different perspective so we got a multi entry visa to Zambia. There are two main sides to the Victoria Falls – Zimbabwe and Zambia, each with different angles to see the enormity of the falls. _O0A9577The sheer size and amount of water that roared past was amazing – Mosi-oa-Atunya – the smoke that thunders.

_O0A1192-2From Livingstone we also had a short helicopter over the falls and area (awesome), a day trip to Chobe National Park in Botswana and the ultimate highlight – the Livingstone Island trip with a swim at the top of the falls! This goes down as one of the most exciting things we’ve ever done. 2O0A1159Our guides took us by a small boat to Livingstone Island where we took off our shoes and went for a walk around the top of the falls. We had seen photos of people swimming in the Devil’s Pool at the top of the cliffs which looked amazing, but since the falls were flowing way to quickly we couldn’t do that. Little did we know that there is also an Angel’s Pool which is accessible at that time of year. The water was gushing by but we walked with Alex our guide to the very edge where he took some awesome photos of us before the most exciting bit – a swim in the pool of the edge of the falls. There were no safety ropes, just plummeting cliffs and the hope that Alex knew what he was doing._O0A1202 It was one of the most exciting things we’d ever done, at a truly special place. Once we hopped out, the other staff had prepared perhaps the best breakfast of the whole trip – eggs Benedict on scones with crispy bacon! _O0A1274We dried off with warm towels and sat at the beautifully set table in a most picturesque site.

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