Maldivian Paradise!

The Maldives

Maldives, what can I say! We were amazed by the crystal clear water – already wondering how to become _O0A5986shipwrecked here and have to stay amongst the palm trees for years to come. The friendly staff at our resort, Komandoo, welcomed us with a song, home made coconut ice cream and a freshly-beheaded coconut to drink from! Komandoo is a reasonably small resort, with beach villas, jacuzzi suites and over water bungalows. To get to the island, we flew to Male, then had a sea-plane transfer to the island. It was our first trip in a sea plane, so it was very exciting to see the coral reefs below from a low altitude 300-500m. When we booked our stay here, there were no over-water bungalows available, so we took a jacuzzi suite. It turned out to have a cool outdoor bathroom and a small section of beach out the front to relax on in the shade. The room is really nice, as is the whole resort and staff.  

_O0A5898In our first dip into the water, well, actually before we even hopped in we could see a cute little shark, about a foot long, cruising the shore looking for a little somethin’ to nibble on! In the water I soon saw a bigger reef shark, about a 1 metre long, a beautiful white sting ray that was trying to hide itself in the sand (going well for such a big guy) and heaps of coral crunching fish around the nearby reef. The reef here seems better than what we’ve seen of the Great Barrier Reef and the Caribbean, which is setting the bar very high!

The Maldivian sun is quite strong and is cooking people around us. There are lots of super sunburnt people here who give us motivation to slip, slop, slap from just looking at them. Today we went via dinghy to a deserted island for a chance to explore for 2 hours and we had a great time. The beaches were covered in shells and coral and there were only six of us on the whole island! Because of the wind, the snorkelling wasn’t great, except around the corner of the island where the shelf dropped off into the darkness! I felt like David Attenborough, but without the deep voice or many-thousand-dollar underwater camera! P1040267

Before heading here we stocked up on snacks for lunch (between two buffets a day) and lots of things to read while relaxing! It’s been a long time since we went on a slow-paced holiday so the plan was to go somewhere that we didn’t return home more tired from the travelling than from the months of work prior!  _O0A5976      

We’d been warned that the prices for drinks here would be crazy, given that no alcohol isn’t permitted to pass through Male airport, but were pleasantly surprised that the drinks were from $6.50 US for beers and the happy hours with drinks for half price at about $6 US for a cocktail! Singapore could learn from this as in many bars there, it is about $12 US a pint of beer and the same for wines! 

It’s time for a quick snorkel before a rest… times truly are tough here!  

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