Layers of Intricacy
Layers of Intricacy

My Solo Visit to Spain

Given I had an extra week to spend in Europe before heading back to work, I booked a Viator 3 night tour of Spain. There were hardly any guided tours available in Europe for less than a week, given it was winter and a quiet time of year. The main cities covered were Madrid, Seville, Cordoba and Granada. This was a fantastic trip and they were all beautiful places to see. Travelling solo in Spain was a bit of a shock to me as I naively expected more of the population to speak a little English than they did. Before I’d even left the airport I realised that I was in for an interesting and exciting time ahead. I arrived with a few days to spend in Madrid before the tour. I very soon knew this was a great place to visit: the food, culture, and people were all so interesting. Once I unpacked I headed out to explore before it got too dark. There were some nice local handicraft markets set up in Plaza Major. They were open into the night and sold lots of leather, clay works and unique gifts. These things were beautiful and I enjoyed looking around at similar places like this one throughout my time there.


On departure for my tour I met the group and pleasingly since it was such a quiet time of year for tourism, there were only 14 people on my tour. This turned out to be a great number for the tour and  we all had plenty of space on the bus.


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