_O0A8118Bam! Lights, camera and more camera. It seemed like Tokyo was on show 24/7, this lively, big city, spanning in all directions.
I loved looking at the trains criss-crossing each other, above an under ground, over bridges and through tunnels in every direction; people all around with their own flare and unique senses of fashion. There were seas of people in some areas, crammed in at times, and at others they were nowhere to be seen, leaving us space to move without ducking and weaving. Being February, we expected it to be cold, but we were also fortunate to have the excitement of a bit of snow one morning. _O0A8008We went to check out the busiest street crossings we could find, a five way pedestrian crossing at Shibuya and even compared to Times Square when it’s busy, this place was packed! The spectacle of the bright advertisements and signboards all around kept us entertained, before we had to escape the chilly wind to the safe haven of Mister Donut, where allegedly the best coffee in the world is served. Harijuku district was very interesting with the numerous Maid Cafes trying to lure patrons in for a taste of traditional service from ladies in traditional French Maid costumes.
_O0A8244A TripAdvisor recommendation was the Robot Restaurant and this proved to be a great choice as we all had a great night with robots, mostly driven and ridden by flamboyantly dressed performers, roaming the stage right in front of us.
It certainly went down as one of the most memorable (and out-there) performances we’ve ever seen.
Another highlight of Tokyo was the busy and bustling Tokyo Fish Market. We had a wonderful time walking through the alleys and checking out the massive variety of fresh seafood. Anything you could imagine seemed to be there, including the tastiest tuna skewer I’d ever eaten, freshly flame grilled to perfection._O0A7653
We also checked out the Tokyo Sky Tree  a mammoth towering structure with observation decks at a few remarkable heights.
The view of the expansive city were great from up there and it gives perspective to just how high we were, and how big Tokyo is as a city.
From Tokyo we travelled via Shinkansen to Kyoto, and later Hiroshima for the day. Click here to check out the Kyoto blog.

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