Washington D.C.

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When we first set out on our working holiday in Canada, we planned a six week trip across the USA to lead us to Montreal. We first flew to Washington D.C. to check out America’s capital. There, we got our first taste of the cold after leaving Australia’s Christmas time summer heat!


Proud ManThis man, is one of the most inspiring people I have never met. He was so proud to be standing in front of the newly unveiled Martin Luther King Jr Memorial, that I was truly inspired. Having learnt about Dr King as a student, I was aware of the impact his life had on the promotion of peace in the USA. This guy did air punches, grinned from ear to ear and had the body language of someone who couldn’t be happier. It was great to see!

Washington D.C. was a great place to visit, and it gave us a bit of an understanding of American history. We stayed in what we thought would be a good location, quite close to the attractions like The White House, The National Museum, The Pentagon and Arlington Cemetery. It was, though, the business part of town, so it was very quiet the whole time we were there. There wasn’t the same variety of restaurants available as on the other side of town, with most places staying shut over the weekend when people weren’t at work. To get around we used the ‘Trolley’ hop-on-hop-off tour. We thought it was best to stay on for a few stops in a row to get the history, as they didn’t come as regularly as they do in Summer. To get to the Pentagon, though, we used the subway trains and found them to be pretty reliable and safe. We walked to most places everywhere else in the city.

Some of the highlights of the trip for us both were the cinema and space sections of the Smithsonian, the national monuments and the National Cemetery. We had a great time in Washington and an interesting introduction to the U.S.A.


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